Hypno Gastric Band

Hypno Gastric Band Therapy
As well as the above therapies, I am very pleased to be able to offer Hypno Gastric Band therapy for people who want to lose that excess weight for good. You may have tried diets in the past, lost weight, but as soon as you start eating normally again you put it all straight back on again.

Look Great; Feel Great
This therapy is different, it uses NLP and hypnotherapy techniques to help you lose weight easily. Hypno-gastric band therapy can help you eat smaller portions and feel full more quickly. You will be slimmer, fitter and healthier and feel much more in control; more confident because you will look and feel great.
All the benefits but without the surgery
The therapy can help create a state of mind whereby you will believe you have a Gastric Band fitted without having to go through the actual surgery! A surgical gastric band is usually only offered to clinically ‘obese’ people with a high BMI (Body Mass Index) and can cost between £4,000 and £6,000.

Unlike having surgery, the hypno-gastric band therapy is completely safe and is suitable for anyone who wishes to lose weight for good at a fraction of the cost. It is a long term solution to weight problems.

Click to view certificateThe hypno-gastric band therapy normally consists of 4 sessions of hypnotherapy, however, in some cases additional sessions may be required if emotional or non-physical reasons need to be dealt with.

Please contact me on or 07779 424018 if you would like to discuss your needs in more detail or book an appointment.