“Sandy promotes learning in a very supported way – she ensures everyone in the group gets one to one attention. Her skills are exceptional, and it is great fun to be in one of her classes” nlp
Sally Anne, Newport

“With a supreme effort we can break free and soar like a bird. Thanks for ‘schema’, for it is the core”

“Thank you for a most enjoyable learning experience. It contained just the right balance for me” 

“With thanks for helping me to open a few locked doors!!” Jan

Hi Sandy, just wanted to thank you for the hypnotherapy treatment yesterday… I felt a bit strange for the rest of the day, but woke up this morning feeling bloomin brilliant!! xxx ”

“For the past thirty five years, I appear to have been on some fad diet or another. I always put my bad eating habits down to being told I was overweight by the Doctor when I was ten stone (I was six foot tall) and constantly battling from then on, but this was not infact the case.

During my treatment with Sandy for the Hypno Gastric Band, and the associated therapies, I realised that I did infact have many deep seated issues that had given cause to my appalling dieting tendencies.

These issues were raised and dealt with and I have to say, the whole experience has given me a new lease of life.

I completed the Hypno Gastric Band therapy, which through the power of suggestion, really does make you feel as though you have had a Gastic Band fitted and convinces you of the many benefits.

To date I have lost 1 3/4 stone (22 lbs), I feel fuller, eat very little junk food and my health is seriously improving. The weight loss is slow, but constant (and that is by my choice, I’m sure if I actually dieted I would lose far more) but, that is not what this is about for me. I wanted to change my diet, to lower my cholesterol and evade having to use ‘statins’ and to help my angina problem and this is happening, slowly and gradually, more to the point ‘permanently’ and healthily I am sure.

I thank Sandy in succeeding, where no-one else has. Not only has she helped cure my bad eating habits, but she’s helped cure the inner person that was constantly driving me down the wrong path!
Thank you Sandy x”
JY – Ryde